Portuguese Laurel is a beautiful evergreen tree that can be found throughout the Mediterranean region. It has dark green leaves and white flowers that bloom in the spring. The trees are often used for landscaping, and they make a great addition to any garden. Portuguese Laurel is also used for medicinal purposes, and the leaves are dried and turned into tea.

It is important to know this plant throughout the year. If you do this from March to October, then you should take into account that you will need to water sufficiently until the end of October. If you plant the Portuguese Laurel between November and February, then extra water is not necessary. It is important, however, to keep a close eye on whether the plant receives enough water during its first growing season.

Before planting, it is important to remove all weeds and other unevenness from the soil at the appropriate place. Then you can dig a trench where the root ball of the Portuguese laurel will eventually be placed. When the plant is placed here, it is important to fill up the trench with sufficient soil and water.

It does not matter much where in the garden the Portuguese bay laurel grows best, this can be in full sun or in the shade.

Portuguese Laurel is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for plant that makes a great addition to any garden. With proper care, it will thrive for many years to come. Portuguese Laurel is an excellent choice for those looking for an evergreen tree that is both beautiful and low-maintenance.