Houseplants in your house
Whether you like a beautiful green environment or just some atmosphere in your home, houseplants are always a good option. From the person with green fingers to the student who sometimes forgets his plants because of the crowds, there is a perfect houseplant for everyone. Buying new house plants every week is of course not an option either. But which plant suits you best? And where do you put your green friend in the house? These are questions that many people have these days, and it would of course be a shame if your new plant gives up the ghost in no time. To help you on your way, we give you tips where you can put certain house plants.

which houseplants can withstand the sun?

Ever wonder which plants worship the sun? Or do you like a good bowl of light? It is of course possible that you have a house on the south, then you cannot avoid a good dose of light in the house. Fortunately, there are plenty of house plants that really love the sun!

The banana plant, also called Musa Dwarf Cavendish. It is not the easiest plant, because it likes a well moist soil. New leaves constantly roll up from the center and the old leaves die.
The euphorbia cactus, a cactus that finds its origin in the dry areas of South Africa. You can imagine that this whopper can easily defy the sun.
The Yucca, Palm Lily and also called Elephant’s Foot in popular speech. A beautiful houseplant that keeps its leaves hard with sufficient sunlight. He owes the name elephant leg to the structure of the trunk.